Retreat Center Guidelines

1. In an effort to encourage the practices of compassion, non-harming, and the first precept, include the subject of animals raised for food production in policy discussions and decisions.

2. Create the position of “an advocate for animals” on at least one committee at the center and fill the position with someone who has the experience and commitment to be a voice for animals.

3. In an effort to reduce suffering for the greatest number of sentient beings, serve only vegetarian food and greatly reduce or eliminate dairy and eggs.

4. Provide sufficient lighting of walkways to allow yogis to avoid stepping on worms, slugs, and insects.

5. Purchase and use cleaning and personal care products that contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

6. Prohibit eating animals in the dining room.

7. Provide a vegan food alternative that is as attractive as the animal-based food it would replace.

8. When encouraging compassion for insects and other life, also encourage compassion for animals raised for food since billions of lives are at stake. One suggestion for doing this is: during a retreat kitchen/dining room orientation talk include the reasons why vegetarian food and vegan alternatives are offered.